Remain healthier, more active and more independent

McLean offers a wide array of community programs, services, and support for older adults, caregivers, and others interested in enhancing aging services in our community. We play a unique role as an information resource and collaborator on senior issues throughout the Farmington Valley. We with a range of community leaders, social, healthcare, city and county organizations, businesses and service providers whose collaborative engagement is essential to meet the needs of our growing senior population.

Our experienced professionals provide a personalized services designed to promote personal choice and the highest quality of life whether handling a temporary situation or facing long-term needs.

Health and living support in your own home:

  • Support Groups
  • Meal Delivery
  • Emergency Monitoring
  • Audio & Visual Aids

McLean Healthy Living Program

This program is a component of our community wellness and SilverSneakers® programs. This program offers a safe and effective fitness experience at any level of ability. Even if a condition discourages exercise, our team will develop a program that meets specific needs. Memberships are flexible and include use of joint-sensitive gym equipment and warm-water pool options to fit individual exercise preferences.

Membership to our Wellness Program is open to those living outside of our community. Wellness memberships are flexible and can be tailored to fit individual exercise preferences. Our program is ideal for everyone, and can especially meet needs following physical or occupational therapy when it’s important to keep improving and setting new physical fitness goals.