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Living with Heart Failure Program

It’s All About Quality . . . Improving Quality of Life for those with Congestive Heart Failure Disease

Living with Heart Failure ProgramMcLean is partnering with physicians to launch the Living with Heart Failure Program designed to help patients better understand and manage symptoms, reduce risks for re-hospitalization and most importantly, improve quality of life for those living with heart failure.

McLean’s multifaceted program is designed to assist patients and caregivers with successful management of congestive heart failure by fostering self-management and providing a multidisciplinary approach with McLean’s team of nurses, occupational and physical therapists with the overall goal of proactively reducing urgent care visits and preventable re-hospitalizations.

This innovative program can help patients being discharged from the hospital to various settings, including the McLean Post Acute Center, home with the McLean Home Care Team, at the Outpatient Center in Simsbury, or home with the McLean Hospice Team only if the patient is in the advanced stages of heart disease and chooses to live well with comfort care.

Through McLean’s Living with Heart Failure programs, McLean Home Care offers telemonitoring, along with self-management skills designed to reduce hospitalizations.

McLean is proud to be part of the award winning Qualidigm Heart Health Project designed to keep patients better and reduce hospital re-admissions of patients with “tired hearts” or chronic heart failure.

Please click this link for the Qualidigm Heart Talk Video Series for practitioners, patients and their caregivers.

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