McLean Financial Reports

McLean is a very strong organization fiscally and in quality of care and services. We welcome questions on our quality and finances.

For more information, please read our 2013 audit report.

A Fantastic Way to Get Involved in Your Community - Recruitment Session Scheduled for Meals-on-Wheels Volunteers

A Meals-on-Wheels driver recruitment session will be held on Tuesday, March 26th at 1:00 p.m. in the Burkholder Restaurant at The Village at McLean, 100 Sarah Lane, Simsbury. All who are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer driver are invited to attend.


The Atwater Assisted Living March Events Calendar

Residents Treated to Hartford Symphony Presentation

Hartford Symphony Quartet

McLean residents were recently treated to a performance by a "Piacere String Quartet" from the Hartford Symphony. The event, which was sponsored by the McLean Auxiliary, brought rave reviews from residents and staff. After the performance, resident Jean Stahuber said that she had "been yearning for good music like that," while resident Lina Wagner told staff that "That was the most beautiful concert, a real treat."

The Information You Need for the Care They Deserve...2013 Caregiver Educational Seminar Series

The Atwater at McLean invites you to a series of events designed to help caregivers better understand how Alzheimer's and dementia impacts their loved one's needs and offer support for those facing the challenges of caregiving.

Click here to see the complete list of events.

McLean Hospice Bereavement Support Group Being Offered in West Hartford

Whether you have lost a spouse, a child, a friend, a partner, a significant other, or a close associate, a McLean Bereavement Support Group may be of help. McLean Hospice  recognizes  how difficult it can be for you when someone close to you dies. Our Bereavement Support Groups provide a safe and supportive environment to help those who are grieving.

The following NEW ongoing Bereavement Support Group is being offered to registered participants at no cost.

Love at First Sight

Sweetheart Luncheon - The Cases

Barbara and John Case, who have been married for 64 years, recently enjoyed a special Sweetheart Luncheon at McLean.

Tech Gear to Help Seniors Stay Independent Featured on Today Show Feb. 5th

Savvy Senior” columnist Jim Miller shared telephone systems, pill dispensers, and more on the Today Show on February 5th.  

The first system he featured was the Lifeline® Emergency Response System offered by McLean Home Care.


McLean Joined the St. Francis Hospital Comprehensive Joint Replacement Institute in Operation Walk USA

Dr. Zimmerman, the patient, and Dr. Schuster visit together at the McLean Post Acute Center in SimsburyArthritic disease is the most common cause of disability in the United States and now affects 46 million Americans, or more than 21 percent of the adult population. The debilitating pain of end stage hip or knee degenerative disease makes even the most simple of daily tasks excruciating.

Remember a Senior This Valentine’s Day

by Freddi Hoffmann

Imagine outliving your friends, your spouse and many of your family members. We think about seniors being alone or feeling lonely during the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. But often Valentine’s Day can be a bittersweet time, too.  We all remember the fun of cards when we were in elementary school.  Even as a little girl my father gave us Valentine’s Day cards. He kept that up until he passed away at 89. I loved getting them and miss him even more on Valentine’s Day.

Think what it must be like not to get a card from anyone after a lifetime starting in elementary school having the fun of opening cards and hearing folks liked you and often loved you. You’d get a kick out of seeing the walkers at the McLean Health Center all decorated with cards folks receive. They love sharing them with others. One famous lady gets many with cats as everyone knows she loves cats.

But what about the person who doesn’t’ get a single card?  Think of an elder you know from church who may be home alone. Think of elders who used to be in your community organizations and no longer attend meetings. Send them a card.

Are you a teacher? Have your class make cards and bring them to a nursing home or the senior center. The staff will share them with seniors.

The very best idea is to visit an elder in their home or in an assisted living center or nursing home. Spending time is the best gift of all and even better than a card. Of course, you can bring a card, too.


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