McLean Hospice Hosted the 6th annual Lights of Hope celebration with unveiling of the newest Hospice Memorial Quilt

On Tuesday, November 25th McLean Hospice celebrated the Lights of Hope community bereavement service honoring loved ones lost with readings of encouragement, inspirational music and thoughtful reflection. Sara Szafranski, Director of McLean Home Care and Hospice, welcomed family members to the fireside event by thanking each of them for allowing the Hospice team to provide care and support at one of life’s most challenging times.

“We are so grateful to have met and provided care to each and every one of our patients and their families. We recognize that the holiday season can be especially difficult for those who are grieving, and it is for this reason that the Lights of Hope and quilt unveiling ceremony is such an inspirational tradition.”

As volunteers illuminated lights outside the window, the audience was reminded that these lights represent the light that their loved ones have brought to their lives. “It is our hope that tonight,” continued Szafranski, “we will create a warm light together and this light will be a continued source of comfort to you throughout the holiday season.”

 From left to right, Marilyn Douglas, Deborah Carey, Jerri  Pease, Kathie Fallon, Michelle McLenithan, Director of   McLean Home Care & Hospice Sara Szafranski, Barbara DiPinto, Meghan Lucker, Lucian Cascio and Administrator of  McLean Home Care & Hospice Pat Adams are just a few of the volunteers and staff who articipated in the Lights of Hope    community bereavement special event celebrating and honoring lost loved ones.

During the event, the newest Hospice Memorial Quilt was unveiled, with each square designed and created in remembrance of a loved one who passed away in 2013. Many hospice family members as well as hospice volunteers were involved in the creation of this beautiful quilt, including local artist, writer and quilter Dottie Szypulski, who volunteered her time to sew the squares together into a Memorial quilt as a tribute to loved ones. All the Hospice Memorial Remembrance Quilts will be on public display at The McLean Health Center until December 7.

Dottie Szypulski, local artist, writer and quilter, is shown standing next to the Memorial quilt which she volunteered her time and talent to create. These are beautiful works of art sewed lovingly from squares designed by hospice families. Hospice Memorial Remembrance Quilts from 2013 and previous years will be on public display at the McLean Health Center until December 7h.







  Performers Susan Trovato, Larry Batter and Michael Covault shared inspirational music during the Lights of Hope and Quilt Unveiling ceremony at McLean on November 25.

The event was part of McLean’s community bereavement and support service to honor and cherish the memories of those who have died and encouraged renewed hope for their families in the New Year.