McLean Home Care is the national home care agency for April!

McLean Home Care is proud to announce being named
April Agency of the Month for its consistently low acute
hospitalization rates that place the agency in the top 90th
percentile nationally.

The Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI)
National Campaign was designed to unite home health
and multiple health care setting providers under a
shared vision of reducing avoidable hospitalizations
and improving medication management. McLean uses
HHQI best practice, evidence- based tools to enhance its
patient-centered performance improvement projects.

Our agency is part of a full spectrum of McLean services
that have earned a strong reputation for the highest
quality compassionate care with the primary goal of
preventing hospitalizations. McLean offers innovative
programs to help keep patients healthy and in their
homes with:
Living with Heart Failure Program
Breathe Easy Program
Home Telemonitoring

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