Post Acute Center Patients Very Pleased with Care

Lisa Clark, VP & Administrator of the McLean Health Center, reported the latest patient satisfaction survey results for the short term patients in the Post Acute Center. In this quarter 74 short-term surveys were received with a return rate of 64%. Mrs. Clark noted this is a high return rate.

The results of the McLean patient satisfaction surveys are compared to a peer group of nine not-for-profit facilities in Connecticut. When former patients were asked: How would you rate your overall satisfaction with this facility?  Ninety-nine percent gave excellent and good ratings. This is McLean is fourteen percent higher than the average of the peer organizations.

When the former patients were asked: What is your recommendation of this facility to others? Again, ninety-nine percent would recommend McLean. McLean is also fourteen percent higher in this question than the peer group.

Mrs. Clark also was very proud that ninety-nine percent of the former patients also gave excellent and good scores for: The respect shown to you by the staff; the quality of care provided by the nurses; the quality of Rehabilitation Therapy; and the quality of care provided by the nursing assistants.

If you are planning to have surgery for a joint replacement or you or your loved one may be hospitalized for COPD or congestive heart failure, contact in the McLean Post Acute Center before going to the hospital.

 Call 860-658-3900.