Certified Nursing Assistants Graduate from McLean

 CNA Graduating Class

Pictured above: (left to right) Linda Schmitt, Kay-Ann McLaughlin, Cassie Caruso, Cathy Martinez, RN, Instructor, Lynn Kiesewetter, Tess Bussman, Lindsey Gervascio and Caryn Turek

They come from different walks of life, but have many things in common. They love to care for people. They are compassionate and patient. They respect the elderly and what they have accomplished, seen, and nurtured. Some are in college to become nurses. Others will be applying to nursing schools. Others are excited to enter a new career as a CNA. They all have chosen the new occupation of Certified Nursing Assistant. Each of the seven graduates recently passed an intensive, three week training program run by the nursing department of McLean Health Center, in Simsbury, and passed their practical and written exams. 

McLean was honored to recognize these seven individuals at a brief graduation ceremony. Cathy Martinez, RN, who taught the class, expressed her gratitude to the graduates for what they each brought to the class and to her. Those graduates receiving their CNA pins were: Tess Bussman, Cassie Caruso, Lindsey Gervascio, Lynn Kiesewetter, Kay-Ann McLaughlin, Linda Schmitt and Caryn Turek.