Resident Artist Shares his Hobby

 Mark Adams has been interested in model airplanes since he was  10 years old. Mark's initial interest grew when a good friend of his  invited Mark to join him in his workship and together they built  a remote control airplane.  They would enjoy flying them and  often times the planes would sustain damage and they enjoyed  repairing the planes almost as much as flying them.

 Mark later expanded his interest in model airplanes to model cars.  He became friends with the owner of Gordy's Hobby Shop, in the  center of Simsbury, and together they built and flew planes.  Mark  has built a B-17 Bomber and a P-30 Bomber before Mark moved to  McLean in September 2012.

 He has continued his passion and is currently attending the Hobby Tech and Talk program on Thursday evenings where he is currently building a F4U-Coursair, with the help of a volunteer and our media center coordinator.