McLean Home Care Data Exceptional for Area VNAs

Pat Adams, Administrator of McLean Home Care & Hospice proudly released the latest  Medicare visiting nurse quality data showing that McLean’s home health patients   continue to have a very low rate of hospitalization of 20 % compared to the 31 % CT average. In April 2011 the agency’s low hospitalization rate won McLean the national Quality Agency of the Month award by the Medicare- approved Home Health Quality Improvement Campaign (HHQI). Physicians and hospitals consider the low hospitalization rate a most important quality indicator when choosing a visiting nurse agency to care for their patients.

Adams says “McLean’s specialized training of our visiting nurses and therapists is paying off for our patients. McLean’s Living with Heart Failure and Breathe Easy COPD Programs’ success is evident not only in fewer hospital visits, but in data such as 71% of McLean’s patients’ breathing improved compared with  the CT average of 62%. 

Adams notes that the Medicare quality outcomes show that McLean’s diligence with Fall Risk  assessments and interventions  provided to 100% of  Medicare patients compared with an average of 87%  among CT visiting nurse agencies. Adams states that McLean initiated a fall risk reduction quality project over two years ago that integrated best clinical practices leading to this great quality outcome. According to Adams, “McLean patients also get better at taking medications than the CT or national averages. Our careful attention to both fall risk reduction and medication education are important quality indicators, since falls and medication issues account for many  hospitalizations that trigger the  loss of independence and the need to leave one’s home.” 

Adams advises elders and family caregivers to be proactive about identifying the best performing visiting nurse agencies before there is a need or crisis. Agencies can be compared at www. Adams notes, “Every patient has a right to choose the  visiting nurse agency he or she wishes, when a physician or hospital discharge planner identifies the need for home care.  I hope local residents will choose McLean visiting nurses and therapists for our high marks in Medicare’s care outcomes- especially our ability to help patients stay home and out of the hospital.”

McLean Home Care & Hospice serves the Farmington Valley through Windsor, Bloomfield and West Hartford with skilled nursing, therapy and social services. For more information on McLean Home Care & Hospice services, call 860-658-3950.