McLean Honors Longtime Employees

McLean President, David Bordonaro, honors 45 employees for their many years of outstanding service with a heartfelt presentation and celebration.

McLean President David Bordonaro recently presented over 45 McLean employees with Outstanding Service Awards during a ceremony honoring the group for their many years of exceptional service to the organization. “It is your hard work, commitment and dedication to McLean every day that makes us the unique community that we are. Thank you for all that you do.”

Among those honored for their dedication was Craig Boettger, Director of Building and Environment Services. Boettger, who has been with McLean for 40 years, is a second-generation McLean employee. His father held the position before him for 18 years. “McLean has been a special place for our family for two generations. I feel blessed to be part of such a welcoming and vibrant community,” Boettger said when asked about his tenure.

Among those honored for their many years of services include:

40 Years: Craig Boettger, Building and Environment Services

25 Years: Laurie Davis, Home Care Services; Megan Gill, Independent and Assisted Living; Terry Jacobson, Diving Services

 20 Years: Lynn Leaver, Assisted Living and Adult Day Program; Jill Nevico, Rehabilitation Department; Elizabeth Pitt, Reception; Val Patrina, Home Care Services

15 Years: Maurice Daniels, Nursing Department; Jeanne Pleasant, Nursing Department; Robin Rheaume, Home Care Services; Bill Lyon, Village Building Services; Tina Usher, Independent Livin;g Keith Woerlen, Village Dining Services; Hope Wilcox, Dining Services; Mercidita Bianzon, Dining Services; Beatrice Ober, Reception; Carmen Va’zquez, Environment Services