McLean Health Center Nurses Will be Singin' in the Rain…

Nurses Week at McLean HomeHow do you thank dedicated nurses for their hard work throughout the year? This is an annual challenge for the McLean Health Center. The leaders came up with a creative idea this year. They ordered umbrellas for the dozens of nurses who work with the post acute patients and long term residents in the nursing home in Simsbury.

The surprise gifts were personally delivered to each nurse thanking him or her for their commitment to exceptional person-centered care and their part in making McLean a 5 star nursing home under Medicare. McLean was delighted with the response. They loved them. Many said it was the best gift they had been given over the years. The photos show how much they enjoyed using them as parasols in the sun, but you can be sure they will be singin’ in the rain…that’s just the positive caregivers and people that they are.

McLean Home Nurses HonoredThe umbrellas say “Proud to be part of Nursing at McLean.” The leaders heard them say that they truly feel this way. If you want to explore becoming a nurse or certified nursing assistant with McLean, visit and click on careers.