McLean's Sorenson Media Center Offers Residents an Alternative View of History

Jack Lampert and Stephen Root

McLean resident, Jack Lampert (right) and Stephen Root, Sorenson Media Center Coordinator (left) enjoy a recent episode of “Connections.”

McLean residents are currently enjoying a 30 part documentary series called “Connections” narrated by British reporter and historian, James Burke for BBC and PBS. The series, which offers an “alternative view of change,” rejects the conventional linear view of historical progress. Burke contends that one cannot consider the development of any particular piece of the modern world in isolation. Rather, the entire existence of what we experience as the modern world is the result of a network of interconnected events.

McLean resident, Jack Lampert, a regular attendee at the weekly program showings, recently summed up what he likes about the Connections series. “I like history and I like biography, and this series combines both. This series gives you an idea of where things came from and how they will affect the future.”