New Year's Resolution to Stay Healthy

January is National Stay Healthy Month.

There are many ways to stay healthy and many things that people should know. Staying healthy includes proper diet, removing allergens from home, exercise and much more. Staying healthy or getting more healthy is good advice for any age. The number one thing to stay healthy as one ages is companionship. So grab a friend and do something together. Go to the senior center to enjoy the company of others, or consider moving to a community with many seniors and things that will keep you active mentally and physically. Walk daily with a friend or join a gym. Some programs specialize in safe and fun exercise for seniors like SilverSneakers®, which may be paid for by your insurance, or the McLean Wellness Program. Physical activity is very important even for those with dementia.  Caregivers may click to learn more helpful tips from two McLean therapists.

As January begins, a whole new way of living may too much for you to contemplate but simple steps can make a difference. Just do a few things each day such as having a good breakfast, two one-half hour walks, doing something with someone else, taking a vitamin, and seeing your doctor at least annually. May 2013 bring you good health and happiness.