McLean Meals-on-Wheels Clients Were All Set with Emergency Meals During Storm Sandy

Hurricane Sandy came and found the recipients of McLean’s Meals-on-Wheels program well prepared. After the devastating storms last year, McLean received a generous grant from the Fisher Foundation to provide shelf-stable, emergency meals for all Meals-on-Wheels recipients. 

The meal-packs were delivered to clients on Tuesday, October 23rd.  “With a shelf life of more than five years, no one imagined they would be needed so quickly!” remarked Rollin Shank, Meals-on-Wheels volunteer driver:  “Had the donors been able to see the recipients’ reactions today, they would understand that their gift was so much more than worth the effort.  My clients were absolutely beaming when they realized what had been done for them.”

Since last year’s storm Alfred, McLean staff and volunteers alike were very concerned about their customers’ safety and food needs.   Thanks to this grant, clients now have hot meals readily available in rain, shine, light or dark.

McLean serves Meals-on-Wheels to clients living in five towns from East Granby and Granby, to Simsbury, Canton and Avon. For more information on the program, or to volunteer call 860-658-3980.