National Physical Therapy Month Celebrates Baby Boomers and How They Can Stay Active and Healthy

According to the 2011 "AARP Bulletin Survey on Exercise," approximately 7 in 10 adults age 45 and older (71%) are physically active. If you are a baby boomer, physical therapists can help you stay physically active, including helping you deal with common injuries associated with aging, such as tendinitis and meniscus tears as well as the effects of arthritis.

Beginning October 1 and continuing through November 19, the American Association of Physical Therapy will be hosting its "50 Days 50 Ways – Fit After 50" challenge. During this challenge they will be providing 50 days’ worth of tips to boomers on how to prevent injury and get and/or stay fit and mobile with the help of a McLean physical therapist who is passionate about working with boomers and seniors.

So start moving again if you have had an injury. But be sure that you have a great physical therapist as your partner. I had a bad shoulder last fall.  Don’t we all in our sixties? A great physical therapist at McLean taught me how to adapt my exercises so I could still enjoy golf, yoga and backpacking. Thank you, Dorothy, and enjoy Physical Therapy Month!

Freddi Hoffmann