A Family Reunion at McLean

Jean Douglas,  a resident of The Robinson an assisted living neighborhood at McLean, was delighted when her family suggested they hold their Douglas family reunion at 'her home' at McLean Sunday afternoon, August 12. Four generations from six states planned for over a year to 'gather at Grandma's house' following family vacation week at Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. Moms, Dads, children, grandchildren, cousins, aunts and uncles gathered in Simsbury for an afternoon of fun, reminiscing, talking, playing games, looking at old pictures, and eating together like old times.

Jean Douglas's four children:  Steve, Greg, Karen, and Dianne were born and raised in Simsbury, so coming home to see Mom and Grandma with their families was a dream come true.  That is just what happened in the comfortable warm setting of the Koopman Room at McLean.  Jean’s daughter-in law Marilyn explained “The staff helped coordinate the day by providing the family with a private dining area complete with fresh crisp table cloths, a big screen TV for viewing vacation pictures with Grandma, a play area for babies who came with an arsenal of toys and story books to play and read at Grandma's feet, while permitting us to use a private side kitchen where we prepared food and cleaned up as if it was our own home. “

According to Greg and Marilyn Douglas, "McLean was a perfect setting for our family reunion with Mom.  We considered a few venues for our special day such as a rental hall, city park, or one of our homes in New England.  The final decision came down to what's best and most comfortable for Mom and the resounding answer was McLean. The staff at McLean was gracious and accommodating with the room setup and all the logistics of the day.  We experienced, first-hand, what is meant by the phrase patient/resident-centered care for our Mom.  The love and support extended to our family from the staff at McLean allowed us to focus on being with Mom and our children and grandchildren while creating new and lasting memories for all of us."

We thank the Douglas family for sharing this wonderful event with us.

photo: Jean is featured in her teal blouse in the center of the family gathering.