Going Straight Home after Joint Surgery...a success story and lectures

Jack Sperger’s smile fills a room and his determination makes him a poster patient for going straight home after joint surgery with a good healthcare provider as your partner. At 69 Jack is still running a sales and marketing consulting firm and maintains an active lifestyle playing golf. But as a lifelong athlete who first sustained inquiries playing Navy ball in the sixties, Jack needed joint surgeries.

In 2008 he had a hip replacement and was fortunate to go directly home. After two sessions with a McLean Home Care physical therapist, he was able to continue his rehabilitation at the McLean Outpatient Center in Simsbury. “I loved the warm water therapy I got to help me recover fully after the hip surgery.” Jack explained “And I learned what supportive task masters the therapy team was here at McLean, so when I learned I’d need a knee replacement last year, I wanted McLean. I called and pre-booked home care before my surgery so I’d know I was getting McLean Home Care. McLean was my first choice and pre-booking made it happen.”

Jack had his knee surgery in December and welcomed McLean Home Care physical therapist Jean Miles, DPT, into his home to get him on his road to recovery. “Dr. Grady Benson, my orthopedic surgeon, told me I am well ahead of the curve in my progress. First it was Jean who helped push me and now I’m coming to the McLean Outpatient Center again.” John’s Physical Therapist Eric is also a golfer and has advanced training in golf therapy. So Jack is excited about spring being here soon. He will be ready for a few group golf lessons his wife has promised to do with him.

 Robyn Ligotti, PT, DPT, McLean Director of Rehabilitation and Wellness, will be making two community wide presentations titled What You Need to Know before Joint Replacement Surgery. They will be at the Avon Senior Center on March 27th at 12:30 PM and Windsor Senior Center on March 29th at 10:30 AM.  The public is welcome at either. The seminar is designed to help prepare you for how to achieve optimal results from your upcoming joint replacement surgery. Topics will include: therapy options after surgery; differences between outpatient, home care & post-acute rehab; what to expect from therapy; easy ways to stay active and speed up recovery and practical suggestions to prepare for your return home.  A home safety checklist will also be provided.

For more information on the preparing for your joint surgery, visit www.McLeanCare.org and search for the Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program or call 860-658-3754 to pre-book your home care if you have a surgery date.