A Family Tradition of Volunteering at McLean

Dolls from many nations were spread out on the table. The ladies were busily guessing what country each represented. Four and a half year old Kayla happily demonstrated how to put together the Russian stacking doll set. It was the weekly gathering of a few McLean residents with volunteer Kris McCue and her granddaughter, Kayla Pierson. Kris and her sister volunteered at McLean when their own grandmother lived at McLean. Kris continued to come and enjoy other residents when her mother lived in the Health Center. So coming weekly to visit is part of her DNA, you could say. And now she is passing this tradition on to a fourth generation. The weekly volunteering is both a lovely time to share activities, games and collections with the residents and a time for a devoted grandmother and granddaughter to have some very special moments together.

On this particular day, Kris brought in her mother’s doll collection. The Beefeater doll in his kilt and the Gondolier truly engaged the residents in conversations of world travels. The very verbal Kayla joined in the conversation and amazed the residents with her vast vocabulary. After the dolls, they played their favorite game of Trouble. Pam signed that she loves to win this game. Kris reported that Pam does seem to be very lucky with games. Last week Kris and Kayla made homemade play dough which they brought and shared with the residents. Lots of laughs filled the country kitchen where they meet as they made animals and other delights with the play dough.

Kris and Kayla are part of a group of families who home school their children and volunteer at McLean. Another family plays the piano for residents in the Birch View neighborhood living room. McLean is grateful to Kris and Kayla and the other hundreds of volunteers who make the lives of the residents happier, who deliver Meals-on-Wheels throughout the Valley, who bring comfort and help make order out of chaos for families in Hospice, and to those who run the Auxiliary gift shop, and so much more. If you wish to explore volunteer opportunities, visit the volunteering section of this website or call 860-658-3725.