McLean’s Assisted Living - Second Annual Celebration of the Arts

On Saturday afternoon, August 1, residents, families and friends gathered in the lounge for a Celebration of the Arts -- featuring music, art and poetry reading by McLean residents of Assisted Living. Martha Child, Program Director/Coordinator for the Assisted Living at McLean, described this day as “a year’s culmination of hard work by residents and volunteers .” She thanked the Atwater Aides, Deborah Carey, Lynn Leaver, Susanne Moran, Deb Pelletier, Linda Ernst, Judy Westman, Deb Boemmels, Bright Star Aides and others who have dedicated their time to this effort.

Highlights of the program included an inspiring musical performance by our very own Bell Choir and Chorus, with popular hits like Edelweiss, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, You are My Sunshine and A Bicycle Built For Two; solo vocal performances by Tom Kelly, Hugh Nocton and his talented eight year old granddaughter Elsa, and a poem review and reading by Betsy Austin. Hugh Nocton also narrated a special poem he wrote himself.

After the show, the audience was invited to stroll through the gallery to view the beautiful paintings that residents created in our Memory Care art program and other classes that were held in the craft room this year. These painting will remain on display throughout the next several weeks for all to enjoy!

The day was truly a special treat as everyone recognized the special talents and community effort of those we love!