Recovering Well at McLean's Post-Acute Center after a Terrible Fall

Beatrice Rugsley and Physical Therapist, Michelle Herbert

Physical Therapist, Michelle Herbert, works with Beatrice Pugsley at the McLean Post-Acute Center.

Weekly Resident Activity Schedule

A special thank you

To all McLean Staff & Hospice Personnel

I did not include any names on purpose because I was afraid I would miss one of the dozens that provided care, comfort, dignity and love to my mother and our family!  That should be your motto: McLean CCDL. I periodically have to pause or this note will get wet. 

I could not have put my mother in kinder hands than all of you.  I have been touched beyond words and what all of you do is a blessing and a necessity that fills a void for those of us in a situation affecting a beloved family member. 

A Family Tradition of Volunteering at McLean

Dolls from many nations were spread out on the table. The ladies were busily guessing what country each represented. Four and a half year old Kayla happily demonstrated how to put together the Russian stacking doll set. It was the weekly gathering of a few McLean residents with volunteer Kris McCue and her granddaughter, Kayla Pierson. Kris and her sister volunteered at McLean when their own grandmother lived at McLean. Kris continued to come and enjoy other residents when her mother lived in the Health Center. So coming weekly to visit is part of her DNA, you could say. And now she is passing this tradition on to a fourth generation. The weekly volunteering is both a lovely time to share activities, games and collections with the residents and a time for a devoted grandmother and granddaughter to have some very special moments together.

Heart Talk Videos for Patients, Families and Caregivers

Click here to watch the Qualidigm Heart Talk videos for Patients, Families and Caregivers. McLean is proud to be a partner with Qualidigm on the project to reduce hositalizations of those who have heart probelms.

Click here for more details on McLean's Living with Heart Failure Program.


Listen to Lisa Clark on 100.5 WRCH Radio

Allison Demers and Lisa ClarkLite 100.5 WRCH’s Allison Demers speaks with Lisa Clark, VP Administrator of McLean, a non-profit organizations that offers programs and services to people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Listen to Podcast

McLean Hospice Bereavement Support Groups

Daytime Spousal Loss Support Group

Meets second and fourth Wednesday mornings

10:00 – 11:30 AM

Cole Conference Room

Evening Spousal Loss Support Group

Meets second and fourth Thursday evenings

7:00 – 8:30 PM

Brown Sargent Room

Bereavement Support Group for All Who Have Experienced a Loss

Meets first and third Tuesday evenings

6:30 – 8:00 PM

McLean Health Center Residents Keeping Connected with Skype

McLean Health Center is very fortunate to have the Sorenson Center and fund which supports keeping seniors connected to the world. Sorenson Center Media Coordinator Stephen Root works with residents and families to help them connect with Skype.

McLean residents SkypeA good example of this is how Maxine Rice, 86 years young, is starting to speak with and see her son each week. At a family meeting, Maxine’s son Stephen learned that McLean could connect his mother and him via Skype. During their first conversation, Stephen and his wife and two dogs sat comfortably in their living room and chatted with Maxine in Simsbury.