McLean Managers Adams and Cloonan Participate in Leadership Academy

Qualidigm Extends Communities of Care Focus from Reducing Preventable Hospital Readmissions for Heart Failure Patients to Include ‘All Cause’ Readmissions

Qualidigm, the consulting and research company in Rocky Hill whose mission is advancing improvement in the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of health care, held its first “Care Transitions Leadership Academy.”  Patricia Adams, Director of McLean Home Care & Hospice and Paul Cloonan, Assistant Director of Nursing for the McLean Health Center including the Post Acute Center participated in the first phase of four-day leadership forum along with 350 other statewide health care providers March 22 and 29. “The McLean clinical leaders are intensifying efforts across its care spectrum to enhance McLean’s ongoing efforts to reduce “all cause” hospital readmissions for the population we serve. McLean has exceptionally low re-hospitalization rates. The McLean clinical team is quickly incorporating new care transition partners, clinical tools, and data mining methods from the Academy to stay at the forefront,” reports Cloonan.

April Assisted Living Events Calendar

Weekly Resident Activity Schedule

Weekly Resident Activity Schedule

McLean Art Therapy Intern Helps Elders Rediscover Talents and Passions

McLean Art TherapyBess got so excited when the group began to weave. Although she has a hard time using her hands, the sight of the old fashioned metal loom many of us used to make pot holders stirred long lost happy memories. Bess related to Kim Starr, an Art Therapy intern at McLean, that at thirteen she sewed a dress that was so nice; her mother let her wear it to school. That sharing was a very special moment in Kim’s year.

Weekly Resident Activity Schedule

Weekly Resident Activity Schedule

McLean Hospice Welcomes New Class of Volunteers

McLean Hospice volunteer class March 2012The new McLean Hospice volunteer graduates range from retirees – including two former nurses, and a retired physician - to three students pursuing degrees, two residents who volunteered for Hospice in other areas of the country, to a homemaker with school-age children.  Most want to do direct patient and family support and others will do administration.

Going Straight Home after Joint Surgery...a success story and lectures

Jack Sperger’s smile fills a room and his determination makes him a poster patient for going straight home after joint surgery with a good healthcare provider as your partner. At 69 Jack is still running a sales and marketing consulting firm and maintains an active lifestyle playing golf. But as a lifelong athlete who first sustained inquiries playing Navy ball in the sixties, Jack needed joint surgeries.

Recovering Well at McLean's Post-Acute Center after a Terrible Fall

Beatrice Rugsley and Physical Therapist, Michelle Herbert

Physical Therapist, Michelle Herbert, works with Beatrice Pugsley at the McLean Post-Acute Center.