McLean Outpatient Rehabilitation Patient Surveys Very Positive

Robyn Ligotti, DPT, reported the quarterly quality data from the McLean Outpatient Rehabilitation Center. One hundred percent of the patients completed a survey when they finished their therapy. Every quarter for the past year, more than 98% of the patients would refer McLean Outpatient Rehab to a friend. Dr. Ligotti also noted "I am very pleased that outcomes have continuously improved each quarter, and now exceed the benchmark of ninety-percent."

When asked several questions about the responsiveness, courtesy, caring, and skill level of the therapists, ninety-eight percent of the patients were positive. Ms. Ligotti gave a few examples of comments from the surveys: 

My Occupational Therapist was polite and great. Would recommend her to family and friends.

I enjoy water therapy and wish for more. Thanks to everyone.

Wonderful facility - helpful physically and emotionally.

Caregiver is wonderful. Can't praise Speech Therapist enough.

For more information on McLean Outpatient Therapy for teens and adults of ages, call 860-658-3745 or visit the rehabilitation section of the website.