Continuity and Preservation: Past, Present and Future

Grant from Richard P. Garmany Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Will Replace Water-Outflow Control System in Spring Pond at McLean Game Refuge

Thanks to a generous grant from the Richard P. Garmany Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Spring Pond in the McLean Game Refuge will receive a new, water-outflow control system.

Senator McLean built two ponds in the McLean Game Refuge: Trout Pond and Spring Pond. Both ponds represent a confluence of conservational vision and national importance. Three Presidents, Coolidge, Taft, and Hoover were guests of Senator McLean at Trout Pond. Additionally, Gifford Pinchot, originally from Simsbury, and later first head of the U.S. Forest Service and Governor of Pennsylvania, also frequented the ponds with Senator McLean.

Ponds pack a wealth of benefits to our environment. They are the most diverse of freshwater habitats, teeming with abundant and rich life. Ponds pack all the benefits of a lake, yet fit easily into smaller areas sustaining and enhancing not only local but also regional biodiversity. Spring Pond is an integral part of the McLean Game Refuge’s 4,400 acre ecosystem, as well as a living reminder of Senator George P. McLean’s passion and vision for the natural world.