"I Got My Life Back" - A McLean Success Story

Jessie Kingston - Steady on Your Feet Success Story

That is what Jessie Kingston says in the new McLean Steady on Your Feet TV show to be aired shortly on Simsbury Community TV. Jessie actually was seeing McLean Physical Therapist, Dorothy Villano for her hip, and Dorothy immediately noted Jessie's vertigo when she examined her.  Jessie related that she had been experiencing dizziness whenever she changed her position and had stopped doing many of things that she enjoyed doing.

The next day Jessie saw Eric Tharaldson, PT, who specializes in Vestibular Rehab in the McLean Outpatient Center. First, Eric conducted the assessment including the use of the infrared goggles to confirm her condition. In the same appointment he then gave her one treatment with gentle manipulations, and she was well on her way back to her active lifestyle. Eric stresses that the therapy is not the old fashioned kind that people may have heard about that sometimes used violent movements of one's head. This is gentle turning of the head realigning the crystals that may form in the inner ear.

Jessie admits it was the holidays, and she didn't follow the post treatment directions so she came back once more for a little more treatment, which got rid of all the symptoms of dizziness which had previously limited her participation in many activities. And now, she is not only back to her usual activities, but she is also very busy with her new volunteer commitment as a McLean Hospice volunteer.

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