A Miniature Garden Enthralls McLean Home Residents

Sappho Petrowski points out the gnome in her miniature gardens she created at McLean

Sappho Petrowski had a large doll house built in the 1920s as an adult. She made all of the furniture and furnishings. Before she moved to McLean a year ago, she ordered a kit to make a greenhouse. Just because she now lives in the McLean Home, she didn’t want to stop making miniature worlds. Once she moved in, she began to order bunches of delicate little flowers. Sappho then made many tiny arrangements and pots of flowers creating a delightful garden experience.

Sappho's miniature forest at McLeanHer favorite and latest creation she calls her “forest” which is comprised of interesting tiny dried weeds simulating trees. Sappho’s roommate Billie and other residents love escaping with Sappho into this miniature world of flowers and gnomes. Sappho also enjoys her needlepoint. At 93 years of age, she still has amazing dexterity and a very clear mind. That may come, she surmises, from her years as an Administrative Assistant at The Aetna.


Sappho's miniature garden at McLeanSappho's miniature garden at McLean