Long Standing Tradition of Monday Morning Men’s Coffee at McLean

Dane Woodbury facilitates the McLean Monday Men’s Coffee.Who knew that Brigitte Bardot was an animal rights activist? This brought a great chuckle to the McLean Monday Men’s Coffee group as they pondered answers to brain teasers on Famous Do Gooders. It was the only puzzler that someone in the group didn’t answer very quickly.

Almost from the very inception of the McLean Home in 1971, men from the community and the McLean campus have gathered every Monday to chat about current events, topics of special interest, and generally just have a good time together. Calvin Fisher, a well know Simsbury resident, historian and author, lead the group for many years. After Calvin passed away, various members of the community lead the group. Most recently The Village at McLean members Frank Schooley and Walter Collins facilitated the conversation. Recently, they decided it was time for a new leader. Dane Woodberry from Simsbury offered his time and talent. Dane even has name tag tents he made for the participants, but many have known each other for years.

McLean Monday Men’s CoffeeWalter reported he has attended the coffee hour for more than ten years. At 95, Walter is still very active walking without a cane to the Health Center from his cottage on campus to join in the fun. Other members of the group live in the Robinson Assisted Living or the McLean Home. They all find Men’s Coffee to be one of the highlights of their week.

The conversation began with an informal chat on teaching as Hugh Dill, a McLean Home resident, had taught and been a Principal in Bristol. Once all the men were settled with their muffins and coffee, Dane began with the Famous Do Gooders.

When the group had finished with Dane’s teaser, Frank added a few puzzlers he had found. The first “Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed?” solicited the answer “Philadelphia.” He laughed said, “yes, but I was looking for on the bottom.” The next several were all joke answers to trivia questions. Again, the men enjoyed several chuckles.

The McLean Monday Morning Men’s Coffee is open to all men from the community. One need not reside on the campus. If you would like to attend, just drop in on any given Monday at 10 AM and ask to be directed to the craft room. Or if you would like to volunteer to facilitate an activity or share your talents, call Kathy Cookson 860-658-3725.