McLean Auxiliary Brightens Up May Day

Flowers delivered to residents help celebrate the season.

  While the sun was breaking through the clouds outside, smiling faces were shining inside as McLean Auxiliary members happily filled vases and delivered flowers to over 150 residents on Thursday.

 The annual May Day Flower distribution has been spreading joy for more than a decade. The card that accompanies the flowers says “Thinking of you today and every day. From the McLean Auxiliary,” and brings smiles to not only the residents but to the volunteers as well. “It’s amazing to me that it’s the men who love getting the flowers the most, I think mainly because they’re usually the ones to give flowers, not receive them,” says auxiliary liaison and secretary Vickie Dirienzo.

Back row: Barbara Christofer, Susan Accardi, Helen Molstad, Marge Brown, Christine Gundaker.                  Front Row: Justine Coleman, Margaret Preli, Judy Goff,Gloria Harlow. Volunteers not pictured: Mavis Lenentine, Liz Hart, Deene Morris, Vickie Dirienzo