McLean Health Center Residents Keeping Connected with Skype

McLean Health Center is very fortunate to have the Sorenson Center and fund which supports keeping seniors connected to the world. Sorenson Center Media Coordinator Stephen Root works with residents and families to help them connect with Skype.

McLean residents SkypeA good example of this is how Maxine Rice, 86 years young, is starting to speak with and see her son each week. At a family meeting, Maxine’s son Stephen learned that McLean could connect his mother and him via Skype. During their first conversation, Stephen and his wife and two dogs sat comfortably in their living room and chatted with Maxine in Simsbury.

Maxine loves dogs and enjoyed seeing the two labs sitting by her son’s fireplace. Her daughter-in-law loved seeing that Maxine had just had a manicure and enjoyed showing off her sparkling red polish. Speak of red, they were teasing her about her beautiful red hair and how lovely it looked. They noted that several grandchildren and great grandchildren have Maxine’s lovely red hair. Every Tuesday evening after supper the Rice family will continue their internet chats with the help of Mr. Root. 

Kathy Cookson, Director of Therapeutic Recreation, explained that this new service for residents is connecting them to the vast world outside of McLean and with family from all over the world. Residents are now emailing, researching, and Skyping. Residents have regular video chats with family as far flung as Japan, Great Britain, Mexico, and the Philippines.