McLean’s Memory Care Volunteers Review “Tips for Success” From Alzheimer’s & Dementia Specialist, Mal Allard

McLean Memory Care Volunteers with Mal Allard, Licensed Nurse and Alzheimer's & Dementia Specialist

Mal Allard with McLean’s Volunteer Coordinator for Memory Care, Gao Vang, and Volunteers.

Front row left to right: Gao Vang, Kathie Fallon, Leslie Lahue, Theresa Buggy, Mal Allard and Erika Hayes. Back Row left to right: Debby Franco, Lorraine Davis, Deborah Carey and Linda Ernst.


McLean’s Memory Care Volunteers welcomed Mal Allard, Licensed Nurse, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Consultant, Board Certified Alzheimer’s Educator and Founder/Director of   "Their Real World" , to their February 4th meeting. Mal discussed ways in which they can “set themselves up for success.” She highlighted that their goal as a volunteer is to create “a moment of joy, or lasting impression” during client visits. “Although they may not always remember your name, they can associate your face with this special feeling you give them inside.” Following the meeting, Allard’s presentation “How do I answer THAT?” took place in the McLean Lounge in front of a large group of caregivers, family members, employees and volunteers.

For information on becoming a Memory Care Volunteer, call Gao Vang at 860-658-3941 and ask about the upcoming May 5th Training Session!