McLean Honors Long Time Service

Steve Paine McLean Game RefugeMcLean is forty years old. It began as a nursing home and has grown to a senior living community and community based healthcare organization serving more than 4,000 clients a year. Plus we care for more than 4,400 acres of the Game Refuge. Much of its remarkable success is due to the dedication, skills and commitment of its staff, explainedDavid Bordonaro, President, at the Annual Service Awards Ceremony. He noted that the number of staff in all areas of the organization that have worked ten plus years is indicative of the dedication and commitment they bring to their jobs and of the excellent care and service McLean employees are proud to provide.  “McLean wouldn’t be what is without you,” Bordonaro told them.

 Employees who received special recognition were:

 For thirty-five years: Nancy Roger, CNA.

 For thirty years: Steve Paine, McLean Game Refuge and Ruth Schwarz, Receptionist.

 For twenty-five years: Barbara Bosso, RN; Pearl Kelly, Assisted Living & Adult Day Program and Laurel Higley, RN.

For twenty years: Jennifer Taylor, PT; Pat Fritschler, RN; Diane Bristol, RN, MDS Coordinator; Mary Gibbons, PT; Keith Simpson, CNA; Denise Yoreo, RN, Infection Control Nurse; Margi Crane, Social Worker, McLean Hospice; Mary Jo Galway, PT; Maxi Walczyk, CNA; and Jean Miles, DPT.

 For fifteen years: Angela Cleveland, Paulette Bowen, and Jenn Wilkinson.

 In addition, nineteen employees were recognized for ten years of service and twenty for five years.