Retired Marriott Chef Raves about McLean Cuisine While a Patient at the Post Acute Center

Jefferson Hodges studied to be an executive chef at some of the best schools in the country, The Culinary Institute at Hyde Park and Johnson & Wales College, and went on to have a great career. For nearly a decade, he was the banquet chef at the Marriott in Farmington. Jefferson asked to meet the cooks at the McLean Health Center before he left after his stay in the McLean Post Acute Rehab Center.

McLean cooks thankedJefferson told Amy Lukens and Kelley Cruickshanks that they offered a nice variety of choices, and they never overcook anything. This is one of his biggest complaints about the food when he had been in care in other places. He also explained that since he needed a special diet that is easy to chew, he never expected to have such good food. He had heard from friends that McLean’s food is the best, and now he can attest to that truth, too. His wife is concerned he’ll not be as happy with home cooked meals, Karen Hunter, Dining Room Supervisor, added. 

These compliments were very good news as McLean has recently completed an extensive renovation of the Health Center kitchen, expanding the choices and options for residents and patients.

 Jefferson added that he found the therapists in the Post Acute Center great. “Everyone smiles and they work so well together,” he concluded. Mr. Hodges is happy to be going home and very grateful he was at McLean after his hospital stay.