Important Message Announced by the President of McLean on Our Strategic Plans

October 24, 2011

To the McLean Community,

I hope that this letter finds you well.  As President of McLean, I want to take the opportunity to share some very exciting news regarding the new McLean. McLean continues to be committed to increasing the services people want today and tomorrow. We will be moving ahead to implement even more initiatives in the strategic plan I have discussed over the past couple of years.

Our strategic initiatives are designed to optimize the quality of lives of our clients, whether they live in the community or on campus, and we continue our commitment to excellence in programs and services.  The new McLean means we must and will be constantly evolving to best serve our clients and to remain a successful organization.

I am proud to say that at McLean we have worked hard and long at our strategic plan, which I am confident positions McLean to meet the needs of the community and to remain a financially strong organization, in light of continuing changes in government and insurance reimbursements. The plan enhances the independent living lifestyle on campus, as well as adds more assisted living, specifically for those with memory care.

What has already been accomplished and what’s next?

  • The Robinson was very successfully transitioned to provide the Assisted Living services which people wanted, and you’ll see even more assisted living residents in this neighborhood in the next few months.

  • The Village was transitioned to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) with both entrance fee and rental options. We have built nine of the sixteen villas to date – a great accomplishment. The Village members are enjoying a more extensive range of activities and services under the CCRC. Look for several more exciting enhancements in the Village over the next few months.

  • Post-Acute Care is rehabilitation and nursing care delivered on a short-term basis. It can be delivered in the patient’s home, in a Skilled Nursing Facility or in an outpatient setting. Since the trend for Post-Acute care is to send more patients directly from the hospital to Home Care and Outpatient services, by design, McLean is positioned well for the future.

  • McLean Hospice has grown substantially, is delivering excellent care and services to the community, and is positioned for further growth with the increasing demand.

  • Our new market studies reaffirm that people want to maintain their independence and receive services at the appropriate level. The key program that is needed, that McLean does not offer, is memory care assisted living. I want you to know that we are filing an application with the State to transition the Sunnyside (Unit V) neighborhood to memory care assisted living, as we did The Robinson for medical model assisted living a couple of years ago. With this transition, we will continue to serve similar numbers of residents with new and additional assisted living services.

As in the past, we will work closely with residents, families and employees, meeting individually with many of you over the next few weeks, to personally discuss the exciting plans and engage you in the next steps. I hope this letter conveys my enthusiasm for how the new McLean is evolving and growing. With your support, McLean will continue to move forward and provide a continuum of great services for the community, today and tomorrow.


David J. Bordonaro

David J. Bordonaro