Welcome to McLean

As a not-for-profit provider of senior living and healthcare, person-centered care is integrated into all of our services. No matter which lifestyle or service is right for you, we offer something for everyone with a promise of customized attention, care and service.

Person-centered care means our complete attention is on you. Our philosophy has evolved from caring and protecting the body to supporting members of our community in achieving personal satisfaction and happiness. Our holistic and comprehensive approach to care and lifestyle is designed to meet your core needs.

At McLean, we work with each resident to create individual lifestyles and personalized services to meet very specific needs and interests. This means you can do what you want to do and accomplish what you want to accomplish. Person-centered care puts you in the center of the care process and is consistent with our commitment to ensuring you can always grow and learn at any age and ability.

Our entire team shares a philosophy of "Getting to Know You." This philosophy guides us as we create a person-centered environment where people are proud to live and work.

To uphold our philosophy, we commit to:

  • Continuous self-examination and opportunities for new growth and development
  • Recognizing change as a continuous journey
  • Providing excellent medical care
  • Making you the center of your own decision making
  • Knowing you as a unique individual and nurturing your spirit, mind and body
  • Working with you and your family to help ensure you live your life at McLean according to your wishes

At McLean, we look forward to an ongoing journey of being a positive, enriching social and learning environment that optimizes quality of life for you, your family and our staff.